What Is The Main Cause Of Bed Bugs?

What Is The Main Cause Of Bed Bugs?

Woman with magnifying glass detecting bed bugs on mattress, closeup

The Truth About What Causes Bed Bugs

Many people have heard of the word bed bugs, but many people do not know anything about them. Most people believe that you get a bed bug infestation if your house is dirty, however, this is not the case. The truth is that bed bugs can make their way into any home, regardless of how clean or dirty your house is.

To get bed bugs in your home all you have to do is to come in contact with them. You can come into contact with these pests in many different ways. Sleeping in a hotel is one way that many people get bed bugs. If the hotel has bed bugs, even just a few, they can hitch a ride on you or your luggage and make their way into your home.

You can also get bed bugs if someone who has them spends the night at your home or just visits your home. They can bring the bed bugs with them and they can find their way into your beds or your furniture. Another way that you can get bed bugs, which is rarer, is if you pick them up from a public place, like a bus seat.

Bed bugs will thrive in any environment as long as they have a source of food, which is blood. They come out during the night to eat. Since they eat at night they often take shelter in your mattress, since we are in bed at night. They are very hard to detect and oftentimes you will not realize you have bed bugs until you wake up with bites all over your body.

We are all terrified of getting a bed bug infestation because of the negative idea that people have about them. Many of us assume that having bed bugs means that they are filthy people who do not clean or bath. The reality is that anyone can have bed bugs.

To help prevent you and your family from getting a bed bug infestation you can use preventative measures. You can invest in mattress encasements. These mattress protectors can go on your mattress and box spring and keep bed bugs from inhabiting your bed. You can also use bed bug traps and check regularly to see if you have bed bugs in your home.

If you notice that you have bed bugs you should not feel ashamed of it. Remember, bed bugs will live in your home as long as they have a food source, which is you. These small pests can live up to a year without food so it is difficult to get rid of them. The only true way to get rid of these bugs is to call a pest control company like Southern Perimeter. They can advise you on how to deal with the situation and can help you treat your problem. While it is a difficult process that you must go through it can happen to anyone. It does not mean that you and your family are dirty people.