Cockroach Prevention Tips

Cockroach Prevention Tips

If you ask anyone if they like to have any type of bug invading their house, they would most likely say a resounding NO! There are certain bugs that are especially unwanted and disliked, one being a cockroach. Cockroaches can get into your house easily through sewer or pipe drains, vents, cracks, and crevices.

They are not only pesky and creepy looking, but they are also a health risk because they carry human pathogens, 6 kinds of parasite worms, and 33 different bacteria that can make you very sick.

You can tell if you have cockroaches by the following signs:

1. A certain smell
2. Finding their eggs
3. Roach droppings
4. Finding dead roaches
5. Seeing them in the daylight
6. Finding out your neighbors have them too

If one is detected, fast action is required to make sure they don’t multiply. If nothing is done, they lay more eggs and create a massive infestation problem. They can live comfortably for up to a year and will eat anything such as paper, foods, plastics, animal droppings, and other things.

They are nocturnal so they are good at hiding, especially in the daytime. You will see them mainly in kitchens and bathrooms, where food and water are available. They also are found in basements and laundry rooms because of the drains.

To avoid a cockroach problem, so you won’t have to deal with them in the first place, the following are some preventive tips to keep them out of your house:

1. Don’t leave pet food or drink out at night.
2. Make sure all food is sealed tightly in plastic bags or containers and liquids aren’t left out in your sink, containers or buckets.
3. Before placing items in your recycle bin, make sure you rinse them and remove all food and drink sources.
4. Clean food particles off of countertops, appliances, stovetops, and under sinks and empty your garbage every day. Make sure garbage cans are sealed.
5. Use cockroach repellents, but make sure it is well ventilated or wear a protective mask when spraying.
6. Try to keep an uncluttered house: get rid of piles of magazines, newspapers, old cardboard boxes, or anything else piling up in your house.
7. Make sure there are no gaps and cracks in your house around your doors or windows and around drains, pipes, or electrical outlets. If there are, seal them tightly to prevent cockroaches from getting in. They can gain entry even through tiny cracks.
8. Vacuum regularly.
9. Try not to eat in rooms other than the kitchen or dining area.

Hopefully, these tips will work, but if you try all of these tips and still have a cockroach problem, you may need to call a pest control specialist to work out a treatment plan to get rid of them.