Are There Any Garden Plants That Repel Termites?

Are There Any Garden Plants That Repel Termites?

termites in a home

Termites are little pests that could result in severe havoc to your home because they feed on almost anything. Besides treatment, some plants could repel termites. The following are some common plants that could repel termites.

Vetiver Grass

Vetiver grass, as an ornamental plant, could keep the termites off your property. Vetiver grass contains a chemical compound called “Nootkatone”, which could work to ward off the termites as well as a broad range of other pests naturally. You could plant the vetiver grass around the termite-infested areas in your property, and when they are planted, the termites will find such areas unfavorable.


Catnip is another plant that has a natural insect repellent, which could work successfully to ward off the termite infestation. There are many different ways to use catnip for termite control. One of the common ways is to plant catnip around the infested areas in your property. Another effective way is to apply catnip essential oils onto the affected areas.


Mint is another natural pesticide that could repel termites. Mints release a strong scent, and termites are overwhelmed by mints and will retreat from them. Mints could be used to repel termites effectively instead of the most harmful chemicals. You could plant mints around your property to get relief from the termite activities.


Garlic contains amino acids that could be converted to allicin, and allicin could help stave off the termites. When you observe the termites around your property, you could use garlic around the infested areas to repel the destructive insects. One of the common ways to use garlic to repel termites is to crush, blend, or chop the garlic as it helps convert the amino acid to allicin to stave off the termites.


Marigolds are not only ornamental plants, but also they could repel termites. They are annual plants and have to be planted yearly. To use marigolds for controlling termite activity in your property, you could plant them around your home. These colorful plants could add beauty to your home while they resolve your termite problem.

Scented Geraniums

As their name, scented geraniums bring attractive scents that are pleasant to humans as well as some termite predators. Although scented geraniums do not directly repel termites, they attract predators like spiders, praying mantises, ladybugs, centipedes, and others that can feed on termites. Therefore, when these predators congregate, termites have to either leave or get killed. You could plant scented geraniums around your property or the affected areas.


Similar to scented geraniums, daisies are termite predator-attracting plants as well. As the plants give off the attractive scent, the termite predators like praying mantises, centipedes, ladybugs, and others move in, and as such the termites will have to either move out or get exterminated. To use daisies for taking control of the termite activities in your property, you could just simply plant them in your yard or garden.