4 Signs Your Home Has Termites

4 Signs Your Home Has Termites

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Do You Have a Home Termite Infestation on Your Hands?

Residential termite infestations aren’t pretty. Termites, in a nutshell, are insects that are notorious for feasting on wood. That’s how they can wreak havoc on wooden furniture pieces, trees and anything else along those lines. If these pests have been invading your living space, you may pick up on several clues.

The sooner you can identify the possibility of a problem, the sooner you can call professionals for extermination assistance. Thankfully, recognizing indications of a termite problem usually isn’t hard.

1. Caught Doors and Windows

If you have doors and windows that out of nowhere keep getting “caught,” then a termite issue could be to blame. Don’t ignore the concept of doors and windows that don’t move like they normally do.

2. Wood That Has Taken on a Powdery Appearance

Take a look at the wooden furnishings and doors all throughout your living space. Has the wood in your home taken on a strange and powdery appearance? If it has, then the presence of considerable numbers of termites could be behind everything.

3. Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are a telltale signal of termite infestations. You may notice these tubes where the nearby ground comes into contact with your structure. You may notice them close to sustenance as well. It isn’t uncommon to spot them by sheds or even trees. Termites often construct their nests below the ground. They in many cases travel upward as a means of securing food. They often get food from residences.

4. Frass

“Frass” is a term that refers to termite stool matter. If you spot anything that seems like droppings, then it could be a hint that you have a serious termite infestation on your hands. Be on the lookout for tiny dark specks. They’re often blackish in coloration. They’re often powdery in appearance, too. If you observe anything out of the ordinary, then you may be right next to a significant termite infestation that calls for prompt professional attention.

Although those are four primary indications of termite infestations, there are others that are possible, too. Pay attention to the flooring in your home any time you walk from point A to point B. If the floorboards consistently make high-pitched squealing sounds, then it may denote the presence of significant numbers of termites.

Do you see little heaps of insect wings? If you do, then it may point you in the direction of a termite problem. These heaps tend to show up once swarms have passed. They in many cases look a lot like fish scales.

Take a close look at your drywall. Do you see any tiny openings? If you do, termites could be the reason. Take note of any issues with the coloring of your drywall, too. Termites can even cause the sagging of drywall.

If you have chipping or blistering paint that looks a lot like water damage, then it may mean that you have significant amounts of termites. You should call for professional pest control service A.S.A.P.

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