The Best Way to Get Rid of Fire Ants

The Best Way to Get Rid of Fire Ants

While getting rid of fire ants can be an arduous task with do-it-your-self methods, an expert pest control company can get rid of an entire colony with an equally effective treatment. As you probably know, fire ants make their name for the very painful stings and bites that they can inflict. And getting rid of them is only half the battle. Treatment must also address the source of the infestation so that the future ones are not left behind. Here’s how:


Treatment for fire ants can come in many forms. While some use baits, others call in pest control experts who spray a liquid that destroys the colony’s eggs and larvae. And some employ traps or “stomping and grinding” techniques that repel the insects from coming back. But if a pest control company uses baits or traps, the colony will be discouraged from coming back. Baits can often be hazardous to pets and children, especially when they contain small amounts of pesticides. That’s why it’s important to consider using an exterminator’s expert knowledge and skill before employing them to handle your infestations.


An exterminator knows what baits to use and how to use them effectively. This means that they’re able to control the population more efficiently and effectively. The most common baiting methods are fumigation and heat treatments. With fumigation, for instance, an exterminator will light a highly toxic gas that kills ants instantly. But while the treatment may kill all the ants living in an infected yard, other pests will not be affected.


If a hot water extraction and heat treatment option don’t work, there are several other options available. One of these includes making the fire ant mound highly visible. Professional exterminators can pour a toxic solution into mounds and keep it there for long periods of time, which prevents the ants from coming back. Other methods include applying pesticides inside the mounds.


Aside from the fact that these treatments hurt, they can also be extremely painful for humans. And many people, especially children, have already been traumatized by the sight of ants crawling around their hands and feet. Plus, they are very expensive. If you want to make the process pain-free, you can simply use an insecticide instead of an exterminator.


While an exterminator will undoubtedly be best suited to handle large infestations, you can also choose to make insecticide-laced bait. This is one of the best ways to get rid of fire ant mounds, as it is much less painful than the traditional stings. You just have to mix some insecticide with some honey and shake well, which will then be applied to the mounds by a pest control company. However, it will still be recommended that you call a professional if you are not sure how to do this properly.