Bed Bug Treatment – Selecting the Right One

Bed Bug Treatment – Selecting the Right One

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When you have an infestation in your home you need to take action immediately with a bed bug treatment plan. Bed bugs should only be found outside. Even there they can live for two or three months at a time. There are strict restrictions though on the way that bedding can be treated using insecticides.


Bed Bug Proof Bed Bug Protectors: Protecting your mattress, bedding and any other pieces with these specially designed protectors is essential to having a successful bed bug treatment plan. These are generally made of strong yet flexible plastic and can be purchased at any home improvement store. They attach to the baseboards and even the frames of your furniture. The covers block all areas that a bed bug can crawl into and hide. The great thing about them is that they don’t restrict movement at all.


Heat Treatment: Most people are turned off by the thought of having to deal with hot water to kill the bedbugs, but it is a requirement for the most effective treatments. The heat treatment method involves spraying the infested areas liberally with insecticide. It can take anywhere from three to ten days for full effect. This heat treatment must be followed up by another treatment after it is complete. This second treatment will typically involve reapplication of the heat treatment to ensure that the bed bug treatment has been effective. Hot water treatments must be done at least once a year and more often if the infestation is continuing.


Dusts: As mentioned above, heat treatments are the primary means of bed bug control in homes. These treatments must be followed up with a secondary application of dusts. It is recommended that you buy the dusts yourself or pay someone who is selling them. The dust is designed to kill not just the bedbugs themselves but also any eggs that they may have left behind. Most dusts are odorless and do not stink. Many people in the infestation find the smell very unpleasant.


Fumigation: A bed bug treatment that is frequently overlooked is fumigation. Bed bugs are primarily nocturnal creatures, meaning that they hide during the day and hunt at night. The primary means of bed bug treatment involves using heavy-duty air-duty fans. These fans are placed in the infested areas where they will suck up all the dust and the bug feces. After the dust and feces are sucked up, the fans are turned on and fumigated with a chemical that will kill any live bugs that remain.


Mechanical Removal: Some houses require that certain rooms are completely sealed up because of the infestation. For these cases, the room must first be cleaned. Then any furniture, carpets and bedding need to be removed and any cracks and crevices sealed. Insecticide treatment is then used to kill any live bugs inside the sealed areas. All surfaces must be vacuumed thoroughly afterward.