How To Prevent Termites

How To Prevent Termites

Close up termites or white ants

Learning how to prevent termites from causing harm to your home is not as difficult as you may think. It is a lot easier to spot a termite problem than it is to stop one from occurring. These pests are small enough to fit in the smallest crevices, so the first step in preventing termites in your home is to know where they are. Although termites may not cause any structural damage to buildings, finding their nest or colony can give you a good clue that you need to take action.


The first place many homeowners look for signs of termites is in their attics. If you have noticed mud tunnels stemming out of the wood on the outside of the house, then you may have an infestation. Mud tunnels are common among subterranean pests and are a sign of an imminent infestation. By creating these tunnels homeowners are acknowledging that a colony has started to colonize and may mean the battle is already lost.


The next thing homeowners look for is cracks in the wood, whether it be in the floor or the foundation. If you see cracks in the exterior of the house, especially around the foundation, then you should probably take some sort of action before they become an issue. Not only are cracks unappealing to look at, but they can allow moisture to get inside your house. This can lead to rot and other structural problems that could eventually cost you a fortune to fix.


You should also take note of any pet stains on the wood or walls of your home. If you find any pet dander on the walls or windows then you should take note of where it came from. This could be from pet owners who are allergic to termites or mold. Although pet dander won’t affect people, it will make it very difficult for you to rid your home of these pesky insects. If you find termite sprays on the walls, you need to call a professional immediately, as they can only be removed with a pest control spray.


One reason that it is so difficult to get rid of termites is that they are very good at hiding from you. They do this by laying their eggs under the wood in your house. When the eggs have hatched, the termites will form a large mound of mud and start creating millions of miniature eggs. When you spray the mud off of the house, you will only be able to see the mud trails, not the termites. You will have no idea that an infestation has occurred until you have inspected the basement and found mud tunnels leading out of the house.


When dealing with a termite infestation, one of the most important things to remember is that you must catch the infestation before it becomes a problem. You cannot wait until it has caused structural damage to your home and then try to remedy the leak. Pest control experts have special equipment that can detect leaks, so take advantage of them before they get worse. If you are having trouble locating where the leak is originating from, you should contact a professional pest control expert. There are professionals who specialize in termite extermination, so you will have someone with experience on your side when it comes to finding and fixing the leak