How to Stop Termites Before They Eat Your Home

How to Stop Termites Before They Eat Your Home

termites in a home

Both subterranean termites and dry wood termites destroy houses throughout the year. Their effect of infestation is too adverse, with alarming signs manifesting when the situation is already dire. You can initiate the following measures to eradicate termites in your house.

Examine the Wood in Your House for Small Holes or Sawdust-Like Matter

It would help if you regularly examined frass, sawdust-like matter around any holes or cracks within your homestead. This is because dry wood termites prefer dry wood, which they put their homes differently from subterranean termites that build their homes in the ground. You can quickly identify small holes using a thin object like a pin to see if the termites have an exit hole.

Identify Painted Walls With Blisters and Cracks

The presence of paint having bubbled or cracked is an indicator of termite infestation in your house. Some termites tend to run too close to a wall-painted surface, creating blisters and cracks. Wood houses are most vulnerable, especially in doors, window frames, perimeter, and baseboards. Anything made of wood should be regularly checked for any termite infestation.

Scrutinize Your Foundation and Crawl Space

You should examine both sides of your foundation, crawl space, and support piers to mitigate the havoc of termites. The main reason is that subterranean termites tend to create shelters beneath your home.

Check if Your Walls Make a Hollow or Echoey Sound When Knocked

Termites break down wood cellulose, which is a good food source. When knocked, an open or echoey sound from your wall is a gesture of the probability of termite infestation on your wall. This means your walls are hollow., different from solid walls that produce a thud noise and sound as if something is behind it.

Make a Liquid Termiticide Treatment Barrier Around Your House

Termiticide treatment help destroy termites in the ground and safeguard your homestead from any termite destruction. You can make a natural barrier by putting a trench around your house perimeter first, then spraying termiticide treatment in the trench. Prior knowledge of the termiticide is essential to understand all instructions on how to use it, safeguard your family from its side effect, and ensure the safety of your environment. During construction of a new house is the easiest time to perform the treatment. If your house is already constructed, trenching is necessary.

The earlier you spot termite infestations, the easier you can fix them. A professional exterminator, if invited, has the correct information to identify termite infestations before they become destructive.